The center of Mearig Business Consulting is processes.

Every company has processes. The challenge for many companies is to recognize their existence and their importance. The main charter for Mearig Business Consulting is to assist companies to change that mind-set.

Processes define how a company operates. How their employees perform their job function and at the core determine the level of company success. In years of experience with processes and process development I usually find the following systems:

First is “word of mouth“. These are the processes that have been defined and placed into existence through the knowledge of the creator. Rarely are these processes documented. The company expectation is for managers and supervisors to train existing and incoming employees to the processes that were explained to them at their own introduction to the company. The problem with this approach is akin to the Telephone Game where knowledge starts at the source and by the time it goes through 8 to 10 people the output is often vastly different from the input. The result is often unhappy upper management and unhappy employees as mistakes are made throughout the organization even though all have been trained to the processes.

Second is single effort documented processes. These start well and produce an employee base that is going the same direction with the same instructions. The issue arises when these processes change without changing the documentation. Personnel find a better way and implement a new process and the company finds themselves in a similar “word of mouth” situation. However, the condition may be even worse as new employees are trained to old documentation and mistakes occur due to improper process document control and new employees not being told about the “new” processes.

Third is companies who document processes and maintain a control system that allows process changes to drive documentation changes. These companies rarely deal with mistakes due to lack of information. They find their employees, throughout the chain of command, to be more aware and responsive to the companies goals and direction. This leads to employee longevity and increases job satisfaction. Employees throughout the organization are happier and more involved as they take ownership of process and process change. Control brings freedom.

Here at Mearig Business Consulting our goal is to move all companies to the third system.

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