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Process Development

Processes define direction, improve employee performance, create decision making paths and improve the bottom line.


Increases in productivity improve company performance, create new business opportunities and increase employee moral.

Documentation and Training

Final improvements and processes must be documented to be successful. Training is improved when conducted to documented procedures.


Personal Testimonies

Joel is a uniquely positive and personable professional who ran a very tight ship as Director of Mfg for DPAC. He was well-respected by all levels of his staff, and by all management in the organization. Joel is one of the good ones!

Andrew Sampson
Marketing and Advertising Consultant

Joel helped keep everything on track and in order and implemented new processes and always made suggestions to make current processes more effective. Cost effective solutions are flowing through his veins and I would definitely trust him with my business!

Deshawn Williams
Internet Manager, Valley Hi Honda

As the process architect, Joel built the fabrication process from equipment selection, facilities prep, production layout and in line process control. This was essential to gain qualification from the top 3 Semiconductor producers at the time. Joel continually demonstrated his ability to quickly become the expert on the equipment, processes and maintenance that insured our success and customer retention.

Ted Bruce
Bruce and Associates

Joel is an individual that works for the greater good personally and professionally. I know Joel as a very passionate employee with a lot of creative ideas and an open mind for suggestions and criticism. Joel possesses remarkable business acumen and a good feeling for what is necessary to achieve the best results under time constraints.

Joseph Rocha
Assistant Sales Manager, Valley Hi Honda

About us

Mearig Business Consulting is a small business that was established in 2018 though the idea and concept have been in incubation for a couple of decades.

The idea behind the business is to assist companies in finding a better way to perform their day-to-day operations through process development, documentation and training. We accomplish this by establishing guidelines, methods and procedures that will increase the company’s productivity. In addition, these established methods will improve customer relations as well as increase employee moral and retention.

The founder has over 25 years of operations experience in a variety of businesses. He has successfully created processes, procedures and methodologies that have increased the productivity for prior companies as an employee. Now he is bringing that same talent to bear as a consultant.

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