I have, to this point, unsuccessfully attempted to start a consulting business. Many talk about starting on a shoe-string budget but I couldn’t even afford that expense. I, falsely, assumed that I could get a start by reaching out to friends that have their own businesses and helping them with improvements. Only one bit but I am so thankful for their willingness to hire me. We have done some neat things together for their business.

In the process of trying to make it as a small business owner I had started to listen to and read articles from those who have done so successfully. One such podcast hit the nail on the head. Awareness.

How does one make people aware of the service being offered with no marketing and no marketing budget?

Awareness, as it turns out, has become my biggest challenge. My original plan was to do great work for my friends who would then talk to their acquaintances and awareness of my business and abilities would spread. The process has not worked. Even though I have done great work for my single client the news has not spread beyond their doors. (Maybe I need to ask them to share with their associates.)

My additional plan was to attend community gatherings: city council, chamber of commerce and rotary club just to make my presence known. I volunteered and spoke at the rotary club and the talk was well received. These attempts and awareness have also resulted in remaining unknown.

I am unsure of the actual purpose of this post except to put into words the real struggles I am having in generating awareness for my fledgling, struggling business.

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